Intermediate & Advanced Sailing Courses

Whether sailing your own or undertaking a bareboat charter for a sailing vacation, skippering large sailboats near the coast and for multiple days requires more advanced sailing skills. Sailing Strong offers comprehensive training through NauticEd’s advanced sailing courses to prepare you to sail and charter anywhere in the world on keelboats and luxurious sailing catamarans. Optionally, we can assess you for the International Sailing License & Credentials (SLC), accepted by Port Authorities worldwide.

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Large Keelboat Skipper

Gain the knowledge and skills needed for longer distances and overnight sailing in diverse conditions with this comprehensive sailing course focused on larger sailboats: from 26ft to 56ft. While many sailing skills and principles are universal, sailing larger sailboats requires additional training and skills to handle the increased power, speed, and weight and the myriad of helm, engine and system options. The course is designed for beginner to intermediate sailors.

Large keelboat sailing

Session Details:

  • 21 hour on-water experience
  • $999 per person (+hst)
  • Min 2 – Max 4 persons per session

Bareboat Charter Master

A Bareboat Charter Master is someone who knows their stuff inside and out. To lead your friends and family on coastal waters sailing vacations, you need mastery of knowledge, skills and systems. Our Bareboat Charter Master sailing certification requires meaningful experience, comprehensive online course work, on-the-water training and a demonstration of your practical sailing skills.

Large keelboat - bareboat charter - intermediate and advanced skills

Session Details:

  • 25 hours of on-water practical experience
  • $1,595 per person (+hst)
  • Min 2 – Max 4 persons per session

International Sailing License & Credentials (SLC)

The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) is a recreational sailing license valid for all yacht charter companies worldwide, including Europe and the Seychelles. To gain an SLC, the candidate must take online theory knowledge self-paced classes, log previous sufficient sailing experience on boats of reasonably similar size, and demonstrate practical sailing skills according to internationally established sailing standards.

NauticEd International Sailing License & Credentials SLC

Session Details:

  • 6 hour on-water practical assessment
  • $900 per person (+hst)
  • Min 2 – Max 4 persons per session

Fully Accredited NauticEd Training & Certification

NauticEd - 21st Century Sailing Education

NauticEd is the leading international and fastest-growing North American sailing and boating education company with a mission to educate and train competent sailors. NauticEd is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard as conforming to the American National Standard for sailing training and assessment. NauticEd’s sailing license exceeds the United Nations (UNE) resolution 40 standards for yacht charter and is accepted by port authorities worldwide.

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