Private Coaching & Skills Development

One of the best ways to build your confidence is with one-on-one PRIVATE COACHING. Custom-designed private coaching sessions are based on the skills you want to develop. On your boat or ours, these sessions are a great way to build your sailing mileage and knowledge to get you off the dock and onto the water.

$90 (+hst) per hour – min 4 hours

Skills Development

Manoeuvring Under Power & Docking

Sailboat manouevring in marina, tight quarters manouevring, docking

Feel confident when maneuvering your sailboat under power in close quarters, including in reverse gear. Get your docking mojo working.

  • 3 hours – $295 (+hst)

During this session, we will focus on developing your skills under power. Understanding how your sailboat handles in forward and reverse, the effects of momentum, wind speed and direction, and maintaining steerage at slow speeds are all critical skills we’ll help you master to build your docking confidence.

First Mate

Man's leg in boat beside his duffel bag

Despite our best efforts and intentions, sometimes skippers get injured, incapacitated, or even go overboard. Would you know what to do? Even if you don’t aspire to be a sailing skipper, it’s still important to know how to handle your boat in case of an emergency. 

  • $90 per hour (+hst)

These sessions are custom-designed to develop your skills and confidence so that you know what to do if something goes wrong. Topics can include getting underway under power, lowering and raising sails, anchoring, docking, crew overboard drills, recovering a person from the water, VHF radio use and more.

Anchoring & Mooring

Beautiful colourful sunset in a bay with boats at anchor and on mooring balls

“Sinking an anchor” may sound easy enough until you’re sleeping on the hook! We teach techniques to make anchoring easy as well as secure.

  • 3 hours – $295 (+hst)

Knowing how much rode to put out depending on how long you’ll be anchored, the wind speed and sea state, and the quality of holding the bottom provides are critical elements you’ll need to know to have peace of mind at anchor.

Heavy Weather & Storm Tactics

Story sky - rough seas - sailboats racing

At some point, all sailors encounter heavy weather. Your first decision is whether even to leave the dock! From there, dealing with heavy weather requires planning and skill.

  • 3 hours – $295 (+hst)

During this session, we will look at a variety of weather apps to help you understand the forecasts and work through decision scenarios: sail selection, when to reef or reduce sail, and how to do so safely. You’ll also learn how to heave to for riding out a storm.

Sailing at Night

Night sailing, starry skies, milky way, reflection

Sailing at night can be a wonderful and awe-inspiring experience, if you know how to maintain your course, keep a sharp lookout, and understand how to read the light configurations you’ll need to guide you and keep you from colliding with another vessel or object.

  • 3 hours – $295 (+hst)

In this session, we will spend some time understanding the basic collision regulations, lights, sounds and fog signals you’ll need to enjoy safe nighttime sailing. We will also look at how to use your electronic charts to help you understand what you see out there and the challenges of on-shore light pollution.

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